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Genetic Engineering/GMOs - Hazards

The environment

A common hazard of GMO crops is higher doses of chemical pesticides. Plants grown from certain engineered seeds attract more pests, so any increase in yield is outweighed by the pesticide's environmental damage.

The Ecological Society of America (ESA) has found that GMO crops introduce new "superweeds" as well as new, more resilient pests and pathogens. Still others fear the genetically-altered crops are harmful to non-target insects, birds, and animals that eat from the GMO fields.

GMO farming also causes long-term ecological changes in the soil. In Germany, studies have shown that growing genetically-altered foods changes the healthy bacterial community in soil, an essential component for soil fertility.

Your health

One innovation to address increased pesticide use is crossing seeds with a bacterium that acts as a pesticide, thereby making the plants naturally pest-resistant. Antibiotic "marker genes" are used in this process.

This may solve the problem of pesticide overload, but the American and British Medical Associations agree that antibiotic marker genes used in genetically modified foods are harmful and insufficiently tested.

Other studies show that eating GMO foods can cause more allergies, increase cancer risks, produce dangerous toxins, and degrade food nutrients.

Long-term effects

Because the industry has grown so quickly, we don't know what other long-term environment and health effects we will face from growing and eating GMO crops.

Manipulating nature isn't something we should take lightly, or from a limited economic perspective.

GMO foods, in their current state, are not a viable alternative for our environment or our health.
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