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Conventional Farming - Degraded Soil

Healthy soil, healthy crops

What keeps soil healthy and fertile is a natural, diverse eco-system. This fosters good structure to hold water, and healthy replica watches china microbes that produce nutrients and minerals. Together, these elements produce the most prolific, nutritious crops.

Harm from conventional practices

Growing a single crop year after year and continually using chemicals and synthetics deteriorates that healthy eco-system, and instead creates a pretty bleak environment to try to grow healthy agriculture.

The number of nutrient-rich microbes diminishes, the ground loses its ability to hold water, more run-off results, and the topsoil easily erodes.

According to the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), 60-80% orologi replica of farmland around the world is "moderately to seriously degraded" and harmful to agricultural productivity.

Vicious cycle

Over time, the only way to maintain production levels is to use more fertilizers, which causes an even larger global problem. Conventional farming is not sustainable to soil health.
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