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Conventional Farming - Water Contamination

The largest negative impact of conventional farming is its contamination of our fresh water supply.

This is the #1 urgent health concern according to the United Nations Environment Programme.

Run-off from normal irrigation

Farms use chemicals on their crops where they soak into the soil. From natural irrigation, these substances run off into the groundwater (wells, basins, rivers, etc.), which supplies about 30% rokas pulksteņi of our fresh water.

Water supplies test positive

The U.S. Geological Survey found that more than 50% of the fresh water wells they sampled contained one or more pesticides. Results were worse in areas close to agricultural areas.

Beginning in 1995, the Environmental Working Group also began testing tap water pesticide and herbicide levels in agricultural areas of the U.S. and discovered widespread contamination by several types of pesticides. The levels were remarkable, exceeding federal lifetime health standards in just a few orologi replica weeks or months.

Increased exposure to toxins

When these pesticides and fertilizers enter our natural water supply, we again are exposed to the ill health effects of the toxins. (More...)

Irreversible damage

In a recent WorldWatch report, the "toxic brew" of pesticides, nitrogen-rich fertilizers and industrial chemicals are said to be creating irreversible pollution to our groundwater around the globe.

Farms harming their own resource

Ironically, the conventional agriculture industry uses approximately 70% of our freshwater to grow its crops, and yet it is responsible for the most contamination to its own essential resource.

Organic alternative

For our own health and sustainability, we need to adopt farming methods that do not contaminate our vital resources.
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