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Find Organics

NOTE: Due to the advent of sites like Yelp and the CA Farmers Market Finder app, we are no longer updating these listings.
In the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re lucky to have a variety of ways to easily access organic produce:

Buy direct; Buy Local!

It's always better to buy directly from the farmers. The produce is fresher (often picked the day or day before you buy it), and you directly benefit farmers who are taking the initiative to farm organically by giving them 100% of the profits.

Approximately 82¢ to 93¢ of every dollar spent on organics at grocery stores goes to middle-men. The farmer, who provides the good, only gets 7¢ to 18¢.

Check brands

For some organics that are not often available at farmers' markets, such as dairy products, you can choose brands that represent and promote small, family farms. Organic Valley is a prime example. It's a co-op of 636 family-owned, organic farms across the country, who work together to promote and collectively market their certified products.

More about Local Farms vs Large Agri-business.