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Food Fight: Get informed about the Farm Bill 2007!

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Daniel Imhoff at the Ferry Building

On February 6, 2007, CUESA, the Ecology Center, and the Marin Farmers Market Association hosted an informative and candid talk about the Farm Bill with Daniel Imhoff, author of the new book Food Fight: The Citizen's Guide to a Food and Farm Bill.

Imhoff explored the history of the bill, outlined key issues from conservation to nutrition to energy policy, and described how we can turn the tables.

The Farm Bill "shapes our food system, our bodies, and our future ... and most experts assert that we need nothing less than a revolutionary overhaul of our farm policy to set the country on a more sustainable trajectory," says Imhoff.

Check out Imhoff's recommendations...

Below are .wav files to listen to the entire program.


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