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Om Organics' Community Vibe

In August 2002, we started with a simple distribution program connecting local, organic farmers with San Francisco restaurants.

Three years later, our programs have expanded and grown pretty, well, organically to further the movement toward a sustainable, delicious and healthy food system.

See what we’re doing to assist those who eat food, buy food, prepare food, and grow food -- as in You!

Helping the community stay healthy & self-sustaining
Providing practical information and resources
Creating tools for a local food supply
Helping family farmers make ends meet
Introducing newbies to sustainability
Building a real community & helping you have fun!

Helping the community stay healthy & self-sustaining

All our programs work to increase the demand and supply for locally and sustainably-grown foods in our area. This means the healthiest foods for you and your family, more money circulating in our region, and the least negative impact on soil fertility, fresh water and ecosystems. Healthy people and abundant food for the future!

Providing practical information and resources

Our website is the leading online resource for consumers to find and use sustainably-produced foods in the Bay Area. Did you know your buying dollars are the easiest, most effective way to make change?

Use the Find Organics section to locate tasty restaurants, farmers’ markets, delivery programs, and stores. Use the What’s In Season section to learn how to buy and cook seasonal produce. Stay informed by reading our Newsletters and Take Action section. Get out and about by checking the Events page! And, if you want to get your hands dirty, check out the Farm Hands-On Programs.

We help you transform your awareness into action, however you choose.

Creating tools for a local food supply

Complementing our consumer-focused online sections, our supply-side programs help farmers more effectively market and sell to the local wholesale/retail community.

Jamie Lauren now at Prana
Local Wholesale Directory:
We do have some distributors that focus on local, sustainable products, but with our many small, family farmers, it has proven difficult for businesses to effectively track all of our local producers.

In response to San Francisco restaurants wanting to convert from conventional to local & organic ingredients, we launched a Wholesale section of our site in August 2006.

Now, a restaurant or store can easily access in one place: local farmers of organic produce, meats, poultry, seafood, and dairy/eggs; local, conscientious distributors; and most importantly, practical details such as delivery days, minimums, new account information, and product/price sheets.

If you have a restaurant or store in the Bay Area, check it out!

Online Tool for Market Associations, Growers Collaboratives, and Procurement Groups:
Coming 2007
Expanding on our previous distribution model for restaurants, Om Organics is working on a collaborative project with farmers market associations, growers collaboratives, city departments of public health and the environment, and wholesale buyers.

Together, we are developing an online tool that allows individual communities to track and supply their own region with locally-produced foods. It incorporates availability tracking, customized displays and pricing, search functionality, optional order processing, logistics, and more.

If you are interested in any of our new programs, we welcome your participation or feedback. Please contact us!
David Little of
Little Organic Farm

Helping family farmers make ends meet

The reason we first started was to help local growers reach new markets. Still, our current food system is complex with many variables that prevent small, organic producers from competing against large agribusinesses. Many farmers this past year (and many for the past several years) have operated at a loss. Meanwhile, most "Big Ag" businesses with hefty financial reserves use conventional methods that hurt us personally as well as environmentally.

Small, family farmers work long hours in the field and don’t have the time or resources to effectively market their product. Farming is tough as it is, and with the unpredictable weather in recent years and increasing costs of production, many local producers who are dedicated to conscientious farming methods are suffering. Ask any farmer at your local market how they’re doing financially.

Om Organics is working to connect sustainable, organic farmers with more direct buyers, and increase overall demand for their product among consumers. Increasing both supply and demand is the only truly sustainable, viable alternative.
Volunteers at the Green Festival

Introducing newbies to sustainability

For all those who are new to the world of sustainability or just wanting to dig deeper into organics, our website's What’s Organic? Why Local? section provides comprehensive, easy-to-follow information. What it means to be organic, how organics affect the environment, why conventional methods are bad, what’s happening politically, why "local" is related to "organic", GMOs, certification, and so on.

Our semi-weekly newsletter Tasty Bites is also chock full of fun stuff do to around town in the food and farming world as well as timely news, seasonal produce info, and whatever else is tickling our fancy.

Tomato-picking at Eatwell Farm
And events! We organize and participate in fun events to help bring organics to the mainstream...which to us means younger folks, folks on smaller budgets, and folks who value good food but haven’t thought about where it comes from, yet.

Organizing farm tours, coordinating over 60 San Francisco restaurants to participate in the U.N. Sustainable Cuisine Program, hosting the Future of Food Film Party in conjunction with Slow Food SF, and the very first Farmer & Chef Mixer are just some examples of what we're doing to spread the word about organics and sustainable foods.
Jesse of Marin Roots Farm and
Jamie of Planet Organics

Building a real community

In tune with our name, we strive to create a network for those who share the common goal of a healthful, environmentally sound food system. Each of our programs helps connect the different market segments to further collaboration and cooperation in our local region: farmers – buyers – preparers – consumers.

We also work with and contribute to other food-related organizations in any way we can. To name a few friends of Om Organics: SF Food Alliance, Bay Area Farmers’ Association, California Alliance for Family Farmers, Marin Organic, Ecology Center, Bay Gourmet, Alameda Food & Wine Society, Slow Food San Francisco, CUESA, Organic Consumers Association, Organic Valley, New Farm, Worldwatch, Open Table, Viking Home Chef, Straus Communications.

And, helping you have fun!

Volunteers at the Future of Food Party
The ultimate goal is to have fun! Who doesn’t have fun eating now really? Get out there and meet the farmers at the market, compliment your favorite chefs who are using seasonal produce, get your hands dirty in a garden or on a farm, start cooking, go to fun events around town.

Together, we can put our money where our mouth (and mind) is to create real, lasting change for local producers, our personal health, and the environment as a whole.

If you have 1 minute to spare, please:
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Pictured at top: (top row) Johann of Hidden Star Orchards, Rick & Kristie of Knoll Farm, Amy of Swanton Berry Farm, Joe of Dirty Girl Produce, Marty of Allstar Organics. (middle) Steven of Kashiwase Farm. (middle row) Ian of Far West Fungi, Ginger of Balakian Farm, Wally & Nancy of Small Potatoes, Alex of Green Gulch, Nigel of Eatwell Farm. (bottom row) Ben & Karen of Lucero Farm, John of Lagier Ranch, Thaddeus of Capay Organic, Brandon of Ella Bella, Jerry of Heirloom Organics, Bill of Everything Under the Sun.

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