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Wholesale Meats

NOTE: Due to the advent of sites like Yelp, we are no longer updating these listings.
There are many issues around meat production: how it affects the land, how animals are treated, how healthful and tasty the final product is to eat... Chefs and diners also have their own taste and texture preferences.

Check Regulations & Politics: Certifications for descriptions of common meat labels.

Below is a list of our local, sustainable ranchers that serve California only. (Did we miss anyone? Let us know!) You can also check the local distributors page.

Agricola: Flora et Fauna
All natural, humanely-raised grassfed beef.
City: Dixon, CA
Contact: Moira Burke
Phone/Email: 707.678.3591, agricolagrassfedbeef@gmail.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Contact the ranch by email or phone to make arrangements.
Ordering Info: See their website for details.
Set Up Account: Contact Moira directly.
Big Bluff Ranch
All natural grassfed beef, lamb, and goat.
City: Red Bluff, CA
Contact: Frank, Vicky, and Tyler Dawley
Phone/Email: 530.529.2291, tyler@bigbluffranch.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Typically deliver once a month. Flexible based on your order.
Ordering Info: Beef packages range from 15 to 150 lbs, lamb and goat is sold in the whole or half carcass. Delivery not included, please add $1/lb with a minimum of $150. Reduced prices for larger quantities.
Set Up Account: Contact the ranch directly.
Product/Price Sheet
Chileno Valley Ranch
All natural grassfed beef, raised on certified organic pastures.
City: Petaluma, CA
Contact: Mike or Sally Gale
Phone/Email: 877.280.6664, mgale@chilenobeef.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Call ranch to arrange.
Ordering Info: Split-quarter, half, or whole. Ordering programs customized with you. A typical quarter weighs approx. 100 pounds, and includes prime cuts, lean ground sirloin, porterhouse steaks and great soup bones. A split-quarter costs $300, plus butcher costs (hanging, trimming, and cut to individual specifications), which usually run between $80 and $90, depending upon the final hanging weight. The final cost will usually be under $330.
Set Up Account: Contact the ranch directly.
Elliott Ranch
Certified organic, pastured lamb and goat meats. (Also found in Chez Panisse Purveyors.)
City: Camp Seco, CA
Contact: Trish Elliott
Phone/Email: 209.772.1972 (voice and fax), Erancho44@yahoo.com
Ordering Info: More info coming soon!
Set Up Account:
Highland Hills Farm
All natural grassfed beef.
City: Pleasants Valley, CA
Contact: Ted Fuller
Phone/Email: please email, mailbox@highlandhillsfarm.com
Set Up Account: Email to see if accepting new accounts.
Holding Ranch
All natural, grassfed beef.
City: Lafayette, CA
Contact: Hunter Holding
Phone/Email: 925.997.1072, office@holdingranch.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Pickup: Walnut Creek market (Sun), Concord Todos Santos Plaza market (Tue), at the ranch (Mon-Fri).
Ordering Info: Sell mostly retail from the farmers markets. May also sell quarters or halves and ground beef wholesale. Call for details or to order ahead of market day. COD, cash only.
Set Up Account: Contact Hunter.
Humboldt Grassfed Beef
Grassfed beef.
City: Fortuna, CA
Contact: Leland Mora
Phone/Email: 707.845.7188, grassfed@northcoast.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Call ranch to arrange.
Ordering Info: Beef sold whole only. $2.39/lb cut into primals and delivered to Sonoma area. Outside Sonoma area, additional delivery fee applies.
Set Up Account: Contact HBG directly. (Email preferred.)
Product/Price Sheet
Lazy 69 Ranch
Grassfed beef with an organic approach.
City: Round Mountain, CA
Contact: Dan Martin
Phone/Email: 530.355.3451, dan@lazy69ranch.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Orders shipped next-day UPS ground. Local delivery to greater Redding area.
Ordering Info: Beef is sold whole, half, quarter, or tenth. Shipped vacuum-packed and frozen with dry ice. Customized cuts on customer-by-customer basis. 40-lb order minimum. Shipping is approximately $70/100 lbs to the Bay Area.
Set Up Account: Contact the ranch directly.
Product/Price Sheet
Marin Sun Farms
All natural grassfed beef and poultry. 2083 acres of certified organic pasture. Locally raised, processed, distributed.
City: Point Reyes Station, CA
Contact: David Evans
Phone/Email: 415-282-5822, http://www.marinsunfarms.com/about-us/contact/
Delivery/Pick-up: Delivery: Novato, Petaluma, Sonoma, Napa, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol (Mon); Marin, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Oakland, Berkeley (Tue); Marin, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Oakland, Berkeley (Fri). Pick-up: SF Ferry Plaza market (Sat).
Ordering Info: Quarter, half, or whole packages available. Delivery fees range from free (over 100lb) to $30 (less than 35 lbs off route). Orders due by phone or email by noon the day before delivery.
Set Up Account: Call the Sales desk at the number above.
Product/Price Sheet
Open Space Meats
All natural grassfed beef.
City: Newman, CA (based in)
Contact: Seth Nitschke
Phone/Email: 209.262.8780 , orders@openspacemeats.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Orders shipped frozen, or delivered directly to various locations in CA, NV and OR.
Ordering Info: Contact ranch for bulk-packs and pricing. No minimum order required.
Set Up Account: Call ranch to set up account.
Prather Ranch
Certified organic beef, lamb, pork, and buffalo raised using sustainable practices. Also certified Humane Raised & Handled.
City: Siskiyou County, CA (near Mt. Shasta)
Contact: Steven McCarthy
Phone/Email: 415.391.0420 (store), stevenmccarthy@earthlink.net
Delivery/Pick-up: Pick-up: SF Ferry Building (Mon-Sun), San Rafael market (Thu, Sun), Grand Lake market (Sat), Mountain View market (Sun).
Ordering Info: Retail quantities, all meats are available at their Ferry Building shop and farmers' market stand. Bulk quantities, only lamb and buffalo are currently available. (Pork will be available this summer.) Email/call for prices. 2-3 weeks lead time to receive order. COD until proven credit.
Set Up Account: Email Steve at the address above, including what you need, how much, and how regularly. He'll write you back promptly with details and his cell phone number.
SunFed Ranch
Certified organic, grass-fed, humanely-raised beef. Locally raised, processed and distributed.
City: Colusa, Butte and Modoc Counties, CA
Contact: Sales Office
Phone/Email: 530.723.5373
Delivery/Pick-up: Retail and foodservice distribution currently available. Contact us for details.
Ordering Info: Orders customized on case-by-case basis.
Set Up Account: Call 530.723.5373 for more information.
Western Grasslands Beef
All natural, grassfed beef and line of certified organic, grassfed beef.
City: Fresno, CA and Vina, CA
Contact: Pamela Cooper
Phone/Email: 559.380.8988, pamelacooper1318@msn.com
Delivery/Pick-up: Delivery and shipping available throughout state. Also available through Sierra Meats (number below).
Ordering Info: No minimum orders. All subprimal cuts available; orders customized on case-by-case basis. Contact the ranch or Sierra Meats: 800.444.5687.
Set Up Account: Contact the ranch at the number above, or Sierra Meats at 800-444-5687.

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