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Farm-to-Restaurant Network

What is it?
  • a double-sided "co-op" benefiting restaurants and organic farms.
  • a source of quality, freshly-picked organic produce – direct from farms.
  • a way to order from multiple farms with one phone call, fax or email.
  • a convenient delivery service.
  • a fresher, more affordable alternative to conventional distribution channels.
  • an economic solution that returns 100% of the sales price to farms.

How does it work?
Why buy direct?
Who are the farms?
How to get started?

How does it work?

Consolidated Harvest Lists
Om Organics compiles harvest information from over 20 local organic farms (as of 8/15/04), and sends weekly, easy-to-use Harvest Availability Lists to San Francisco chefs. You can browse a single, categorized list (by item and farm), and quickly see what's in season and what each farm is charging. Prices are determined by each farm.

Using our Harvest Availability List, you can place your order with each farm directly, or use our Consolidated Ordering service (below).
Consolidated Ordering: One-Stop Shopping
Since no single farm harvests all types of produce, most chefs end up ordering from more than one farm. Our Consolidated Ordering service allows you to make a single call (or email) to place your order from any number of farms.

Orders are typically due the day before delivery. Om communicates a single order to each farm, who then brings the ordered quantities to the local farmers' market for pick-up the following day.
Fresh Delivery
From spring to the end of all, Om assists farms with deliveries. Using our program, you can make one call and the next day receive freshly-picked, organic produce right at your door.

Please Note: Om Organics delivery from farmers to restaurants is currently on hold. You can still order for pick up at the market or delivery from local farms with routes in the city! You can read more about new programs on the Features page.
Consolidated payments
Om invoices and collects payment from restaurants and pays each farm a single check.

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Why buy direct?

Simply, buying direct from organic farms helps ensure their survival. Studies have shown that in the U.S., farms typically receive only 7¢ - 10¢ rokas pulksteņi for every dollar paid for their produce. The majority of revenues go to distributors and middlemen.

With government subsidies going to conventional farms, and large agribusinesses proliferating the market, basic economic sustenance is the biggest obstacle for organic farms.

Buying from farms gives chefs the freshest, top-quality produce, while rewarding the actual producers of our food supply with 100% of the sales price.

(More on this issue...)

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Who are the farms?

The exact number of participating farms varies, depending on the season. (As of 8/15/04, there were 22.) If you already buy organic, you'll probably recognize most or all of them. All are at our local farmers’ markets, sell to prominent restaurant distributors, and/or deliver to restaurants themselves.

Om Organics relieves the administrative and delivery burden from the farms, reducing the number of trucks driving through the city, and allowing the farmers to spend their time doing what they love best!

We encourage you to maintain your relationships with the farmers, even when participating in our program!

For the specific farms participating right now, please contact us.

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How to get started?

Email or fax us at 415.358.4131 for the short Sign Up Form and we'll start sending you weekly harvest updates.

For more info, please contact us!

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