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Action Alert 12.15.08
Help spread the word & pass this on!

And, happy holidays! What a year it has been....

Obama's transition team is listening

Please sign this petition so we can get a Secretary of Agriculture who understands the potential of sustainable agriculture.

The list of candidates has changed a lot the past few weeks thanks to grassroots voices like yours!

45,000 signatures have been collected in just 6 days. Our goal is 100,000 by this week ... so sign now and forward this email to your friends and colleagues.

You'll be in good company, including Michael Pollan, Wendell Berry, Bill McKibben, Eric Schlosser, and more than 45,000 others!

The call for change is growing.

Keep up the pressure!

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More cool stuff

New Restaurants - Tasty organically-minded eateries...

Food & Farm Events - Lots to see, eat, and learn the next several weeks...

Local Food Organizations - Want to get involved? Plenty of groups doing great work.

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Even a little snack! If you use these newsletters, use our website, or simply enjoy having delicious, organic food in the Bay Area, please support our programs that serve local, organic farms and the community. Om Organics is a project of the San Francisco Foundation - Community Initiatives, and can only continue with the help of contributions from conscientious people like you!

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