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Tasty Bites 4.11.06
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We interrupt our normal food and farmy newsletter to talk about something also important... Not only because it's real, but because time is of the essence. And did you notice how the crazy rain pummels our crops? Not good, not good at all.

Warming's Fo Real

Maybe you saw the recent Time Magazine issue: Global Warming: Be Worried. Be Very Worried. Or maybe you heard NASA’s chief climate scientist, Jim Hanson, was stifled by White House appointees for being too honest. Or maybe you just pay close attention to environmental affairs (good on ya!).

The truth is that 85% of people these days realize global warming is happening. And, we’re in the last decade or so before we get to a point of no return.

Scientists agree we have two options: Start making reasonable, conscious changes now. Or, stay on a “business as usual” path for the next decade and deem real alternatives impractical -- or impossible.

What’s the urgency?
Simply, CO2 levels, global heat, and polar melting are all speeding up. Scientists agree the tipping point is near... When exactly? No consensus, but definitely very soon.

The atmosphere is actually warming gradually, but climate systems typically shift in dramatic jerks as evident by looking at just 2005: heat waves causing droughts, fires & dust storms, cyclones, hurricanes, and unprecedented rains. Hurricanes in the past 35 years have doubled in number, and the severity of each has gone up 50%.

Once ice starts melting, it too starts melting dramatically quicker. Just think, what melts sooner: having a whole ice block in a pot of cold water, or breaking it into small pieces in a pot of warm water? Recently, a 12,000-year-old ice shelf collapsed fragmenting its surrounding ice structures. And then there's the 3 billion-year-old Arctic cap that's also shrinking at alarming rates these days. These things are not good.

Why’s it getting hotter?
CO2: The largest causes: power plants and vehicles. CO2 allows sunlight to stream in, but get too much of it, and we have no ventilation. No ventilation = hotter temperatures = more rapid melting = hotter temperatures & more CO2, (repeat 10x fast).

Less reflective ice: The polar regions reflect about 90% of sunlight and energy back into space. The ocean (aka melted ice) absorbs about 90% of that same energy and heat. The more ice melts, the more energy’s absorbed, the warmer our oceans.

Melting permafrost, our future CO2 source: Land frozen for years contains partially decayed organic matter, rich in carbon. When that soil warms and decomposes, it turns to methane and CO2. It’s estimated that Arctic soils contain 200 to 800 gigatons of carbon! The total human carbon output is only 7 gigatons/year. Yikes.

Any other bad news?
Oh sure. Melting ice also means eroded or covered coastlines. Buh-bye Florida beaches & San Francisco. Changing ocean levels and new salt:fresh constitution also means disrupted ecosystems and species extinction. Buh-bye polar & alpine species. Fare thee well, Natural Wonder of the World #2, Great Barrier Reef.

What to do
Ultimately, we need stronger laws and modern technologies. Bush finally did agree that warming does exist, but check out his proactive plan of action: do more research... (No comment.)

Until we have a chance to vote, join the effort to Stop Global Warming. There's even a handy, scannable page of easy steps you can take right now.

You can also use your dollars to offset your climate footprint. The Carbon Fund funds renewable energy, efficiency and reforestation projects to cancel out your "carbon footprint", and a Terra Pass funds clean energy projects to cancel out your car's emissions. No worries!

California has a great track record of paving the way for many energy and environmental innovations in the past. Let's keep it up!

Great additional info
Hear an excellent NPR interview of Tim Flannery, Weather Makers
Read the Time article(s) on global warming
Read the NRDC's Global Warming resource

Easter Organica

On a lighter note!, this Easter, be sure to buy healthy, happy eggs (cage-free, free-range and/or organic), and how bout trying out some natural dyes? Some dye kits you buy in stores have a "non-toxic" label and yet are made from coal tar and other petroleum products. Really not necessary, is it?

Whole Foods and both have handy all-natural dye instructions and recipes using household ingredients like paprika, spinach, red cabbage, onion peel, grape juice, coffee, and tea.

For your Easter baskets, skip the plastic (petroleum) grass and use some sprouted wheat grass or (gasp!) real grass from your yard.

And finally, whether you're dining out or having an egg-splendid supper at home, eat seasonal organic produce and sustainable meats and seafood.

Happy Easter!

Earthquake '06

To celebrate all things San Francisco, nostalgic...and organic, get your bum to One Market Restaurant between Monday, April 17th and Saturday, April 22nd to commemorate the 1906 San Francisco Quake!

The 100-year anniversary of San Francisco’s great 7.6 Richter scale-rocking event is April 18, and One Market will be offering a special earthquake-inspired menu and cocktails all week. There will be a special three-course prix fixe menu priced at $19.06 for lunch and $29.06 for dinner. There will be special tasting menu items like a Rocky Milk "Shake" and Rhubarb "Crumble." Special cocktails (priced at $7.60) will highlight liquors made by local producers. Reservations can be made by calling 415-777-5577 or online.

Earth Dinner!

Saturday, April 22nd is the "official" Earth Day, but people around the world celebrate the wonders of our beautiful Earth any time around Spring...

Celebrate with a tasty Earth Dinner! Bring family and friends together to appreciate the remarkable role food plays in our lives and on our planet. The farmer is the real force behind the food we eat, and the more we support local growers, the healthier and more nutritious our meals will be. You can make it simple or swanky!

Organic Valley has a wonderful Earth Dinner site with fun ideas to plan your gathering any way you like.

Lots More

Meatrix II: Revolting
Leo the Pig and Moopheus are now taking on dairy farms...with your help! Just as entertaining (and funnier) than the first Meatrix I. View Meatrix II and then check out their info-chocked interactive site.

Future of Food: Free On Demand!
It keeps getting easier! Click here, and Deborah Koons Garcia's film The Future of Food will start playing. No worries!

100% Organic Bloke
Dr. Alan Greene, MD, has taken the true organic challenge and is eating 100% organic for a whole year! Wow, very impressive. Check out his monthly blog on the Organic Valley website. It's interesting how it can be harder and easier in unexpected ways. Keep it up!

Dining Out for Life
Dine well on Thursday, April 27th, and help make a difference in stopping the spread of HIV. Dining out for Life is a fundraiser for the STOP AIDS Project, presented by our local bank Wells Fargo.

Many of the participating restaurants are organic-friendly. A great excuse to dine out for a great cause. Check out participating restaurants and book your reservation today!

Earth Day Puzzle
So, in the spirit of Earth Day and international cultures, can you guess which country's slang is (awkwardly) dropped around this newsletter? Hint: the bloke from the Global Warming radiocast is from this country. If you can guess it, email us!

First one to write gets to bring a friend to a fun, casual organic food & wine party in SF on Monday, April 24th....if you don't know about it already. :o)


Check our organically-inclined Events page for more happenins as they are announced.

Convert a Carnivore Day at Millennium
Wed, 4/12/06
Millennium Restaurant, 580 Geary St. in SF; 25% off!

Cooking Demo & Booksigning at Berkeley Organic Market
Thu, 4/13/06, 3:30pm booksigning; 4:00pm cooking demo
North Shattuck Farmers' Market in Berkeley; Free

Meet the Producer - Kyle Pusateri, Three Wise Hens (from the pastures at Eatwell Farm)
Sat, 4/15/06, 10:00am-10:30am
South Arcade of the Ferry Building in the teaching kitchen in SF; Free

Vegetarian Cooking Class: "Mediterranean Menu"
Sat, 4/15/06, 10:00am-1:00pm
First Unitarian Church of Oakland, 685 14th St. at Castro in Oakland; $45 (includes demonstration, food samples, copies of recipes

Seasonal Cooking Demonstration ~ Jessica Prentice, Author of Full Moon Feast
Sat, 4/15/06, 10:30am-11:30am
South Arcade of the Ferry Building in the teaching kitchen in SF; Free

Special Market Program ~ Anna Lappé and Bryant Terry, Authors of Grub. Introduced by Alice Waters
Sat, 4/15/06, 11:30am
South Arcade of the Ferry Building in the teaching kitchen in SF; Free

Moose's Easter Brunch
Sun, 4/16/06, 10:00am-2:30pm
Moose's, 1652 Stockton St. in SF

Incanto Early Supper Easter
Sun, 4/16/06, 3:00pm-7:00pm
Incanto Restaurant, 1550 Church St./Duncan in SF; $40/person

Lark Creek Inn Easter Bunny Brunch
Sun, 4/16/06, 9:45am-2:00pm
Lark Creek Inn, 234 Magnolia in Larkspur; $39.50 per adult, $19.75 for children 10 and under

San Francisco Earthquake Commemorative Dinners at One Market
4/17/06-4/22/06, Mon-Sat
One Market Restaurant 1 Market St. at Spear Street in SF; $19.06 lunch, $29.06 dinner

Earth Day Dinner: Invite Mother Earth to Dinner
Anywhere you like: organics at home or out!

Seasonal Cooking Demonstration ~ Joyce Goldstein, Author of Antipasto
Sat, 4/22/06, 10:30am-11:30am
South Arcade of the Ferry Building in the teaching kitchen in SF; Free

Hawthorne Lane Cooking Class: "Spring Fever"
Sat, 4/22/06, 10:30am-2:30pm
Hawthorne Lane, 22 Hawthorne Lane in SF; $100.00 per person

Earth Day Feast with Community Supported Kitchen
Sat, 4/22/06, 6:30pm St Francis Lutheran Church, 152 Church Street in SF; $35 requested donation

Marion Nestle Booksigning -- What to Eat: An Aisle-by-Aisle Guide to Savvy Food Choices
Tue, 4/25/06, 4:00pm
22 Warren Hall, UC Berkeley Campus , near University/Oxford in Berkeley; Free

City Arts & Lectures: Michael Pollan in Conversation with Roy Eisenhardt
Wed, 4/26/06, 8:00pm
Herbst Theatre, located in the Veterans Building, 401 Van Ness Avenue at McAllister in SF; $18.50

Dining Out for Life: San Francisco and East Bay
Thu, 4/27/06
Restaurants in SF and East Bay; click the link for details!

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