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Tasty Bites 6.28.05
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Great Flick

It's short! It's animated! It's educational! Not to choose favorites, but we reckon the Sierra Club's True Cost of Food mini-movie (from the producers of The Meatrix) may be the best of the genre at depicting our whole funky food system.

In less than 15 minutes, you see our heroine, Mrs. Mom, visit checkout aisle 16 1/2, where she encounters the True Cost of Food Register and learns all about factory farming, agribusinesses, pesticides, junk food, fresh water contamination, air pollution, fossil fuel depletion, antibiotics, diabetes, obesity... Who knew it could be described so clearly in such a small package.

Actually, they don't cover seafood (maybe because there are no solid regulations yet?) or GMOs (maybe because they're so controversial?), but yep, check this one out.

A Day in the Life

Newbies unite! It's not easy being a farmer, but these folks have taken the leap and are now working their own family farms. Despite the obstacles and their killer long hours, each has gained a wonderful, fulfilling appreciation of the "simple" & the real.

Take a look into the lives of the new farm generation:

The toughest job she'll ever love
Essex Farm, Essex NY
Now fully entrenched in farming and ranching, this newcomer discovers that the struggle and the beauty of this chosen way of life are inextricably tied.

Invisible changes
North Country School, Lake Placid NY
The day-to-day miracles that take place on a farm are fostered by a lot of hard work.

What's in a name?
Easy Growin' Farm, Buena Vista CO
Juggling off-farm jobs to make ends meet leaves some farm chores lagging and one farmer frazzled (but still smiling).

The long list
Fresh Harvest Farm, Mokena IL
With growing season in full gear, farm projects continue to pile up.

A fresh start northward
Your Farm, Hilmar CA
With her eye on a new farm, a farmer wrestles with old memories.

Excerpted from the New Farmer Journals published by The New Farm.


Collaboration on a Food & Farm Bill
Tue, 6/28/05, 9:00am-5:00pm
Clarion Hotel in Sacramento
Presented by California Coalition for Food and Farming. A dynamic workshop with speakers, panels and discussions, where farmers, farming organizations, environmental advocates, community organizers, elected officials, and agency representatives and staff will have the opportunity to learn more about the current Farm Bill, its implications for California, and why the 2007 Farm Bill is critical to the future of California agriculture. For more info, click the link above, or contact Claudia Reid at 916-447-1711,

Meet the Farmer: Liz Milazzo of Green Gulch Farm
Sat, 7/02/05, 10:00am - 10:30am
Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market, Ferry Building in SF; Free
Part of the CUESA Education Program. Get the lowdown straight from the producer!

Shop with the Chef: Annie Somerville of Greens
Sat, 7/02/05, 10:30am - 11:30am
Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market, Ferry Building in SF; Free
Part of the CUESA Education Program. See and taste the seasonal produce local chefs are buying and cooking!

Talk & Book Signing - Sherri Brooks-Vinton, Author of The Real Food Revival
Sat, 7/02/05, 11:45am - 12:30pm
Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market, Ferry Building in SF; Free
Part of the CUESA Education Program.

Feed the Fire!

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