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Tasty Bites 12.14.04
Event updates each week; more extensive edibles every other

Holiday R&R

That's what's on the agenda until the new year. At least for Tasty Bites!

Next year, would you like the newsletters to be weekly, semi-weekly, monthly? Do you want more/less info about anything in particular? Send your feedback and we'll choose a winner to receive a delicious, organic Besos Foods Meal Kit.

You can still get the latest events, updates, and seasonal info online.

Happy Holidays!
Ahhhh, relaxation. Can't beat it!

Events This Week

E. Guittard Chocolate Lunch Hour Benefit for Slow Food SF
Thu, 12/16/04, 12:30pm-1:30pm
Fog City News, 455 Market St. in SF; Free
E. Guittard artisan chocolate is offering a tantalizingly unique way to fill your holiday wish list, enjoy the music of French Cafes, and attend a delightful one-hour chocolate launch. Come to the holiday lunch hour chocolate party at Fog City News. E. Guittard will donate $100 to Slow Food SF for every person who buys five new E. Guittard two-ounce bars (approx $18). French chanteuse and accordion player Odile Lavault will entertain. Slow Food and Gary Guittard, CEO of The Guittard Chocolate Company, will be present to answer chocolate questions.

Meet the Producer: John Garrone of Hazel Dell Mushrooms
Sat, 12/4/04, 10:00am-10:30am
In front of the Ferry Building, Embarcadero/Market in SF; Free
Get the lowdown straight from the producer.

Shop With the Chef: Chad Callahan of Fish
Sat, 12/4/04, 10:30am-11:30am
In front of the Ferry Building, Embarcadero/Market in SF; Free
See and taste the seasonal produce local chefs are buying and cooking!

Celery What?

Okay well, actually, it's Celery Root. And yes, it's in season! To be honest, until a month ago, we didn't know what it looked like either.

But, you've probably seen it on menus and tasted it in delicious dishes, so this week we're going to demystify this surprisingly common veggie.

aka Celeriac, Celery Root (as it's called locally) is a relative of celery, grown specifically for its large, not-so-attractive root and mild celery flavor.

Look for: Large, relatively smooth, uniform-shaped roots. Avoid overly small ones, since they have thick skins.

Storage: Refrigerate in a loose plastic bag.

See pictures of this beauty and read more celery root recipes in What's in Season - Roots/Tubers.

Delicious Dishes

Celery Root is usually chopped and cooked, but can also be grated and eaten raw. Before either method, cut off the top and base, and pare away the thick skin. Submerging it in water will prevent the bare root from oxidizing.

Check out the varied dishes our local chefs are cooking with organic celery root:

O Chame: Celery root & green onion pancake.

Chez Panisse: New garlic pudding soufflé with wild mushrooms, spinach & celery root.

Bizou: Pan-fried California sea bass with celery root purée, brussel sprouts & hazelnuts.

Jardiniere: Butter braised Maine lobster with celery root confit & blood orange emulsion.

Besos Foods: Pork loin with celery root, fingerling potatoes, swiss chard & pear chutney.

Send us your dishes, and we'll post them in our newsletter!

Brain Food

Your semi-weekly snack of knowledge.

This week's topic: Biodiversity & Eco-systems.

Organic methods not only help maintain natural habitats; they actually foster an even stronger, more diverse natural eco-system.

International studies have shown astounding results.

Organic farms have been shown to nurture more healthy species, including:

  • 5 times as many wild plants in arable fields, and 57% more species.
  • 25% more birds at the field edge, and 44% more birds in-field during the autumn and winter.
  • 1.6 times as many invertebrate arthropods, which serve as bird food.
  • 3 times as many non-pest butterflies in the crop areas.
  • 1-5 times as many spiders, and 1-2 times as many species.
  • significant decreases in number of aphids, a common crop pest.
Pretty good results by just growing crops naturally.

More about the benefits of organics.

Are you a knowledge binger? Read ahead about What's Organic?
Why Local?

Need Your Help!

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Any amount is appreciated!
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